Project LivingRoomPC

In fact : As IBM says, it looks good on your desktop.

... also it looks good in your living room. That's the fact why I started this project. Currently I am playing around with various Linux distribution to find a good basis for the project.

News :

01.01.2003 During the winter holidays I was finally able to play around with my Netvista 2800. I got it booting really fine.

Documentation :

Huh ? Docu ? Me ? Never ! :-)

How to get your Netvista booting

1. Setup your NV BIOS to support Workspace on Demand (if necessary update BIOS)

2. Insert that lovely Knoppix 3.3 into the CD-ROM of your server.

3. Boot up from that CD-ROM

4. Run „Knoppix Terminalserver“ from menu.

5. Turn on your NV and let it boot.

6. On your NV su to root and enter „syslinux hda1“ to make your compactflash bootable.

7. Look for a nice Linux distribution which fits onto the CF-card. The main think you should make sure it that when the NV boots up and syslinux starts it finds a vmlinuz file in the root directory. (I used the bootdisk from DamnSmall Linux to recognize my 256MB USB Stick with DamnSmall installed. I also had the chance to copy DamnSmall to the CF-card but mine is only 16MB big.)

Volunteers wanted :

If you think you can provide some useful piece of code, please let me know at